Monday, 15 June 2009


I can't believe the Parish walk is less than 1 week away. When I think about it I get really nervous, but I suppose that's a good thing because it shows how that I care.

Despite the event being so close, I still keep seeing people out training and I can't help worrying that I'm not and should be. But then I remember why I'm not - to rest my knee.

My knee doesn't hurt at all and hasn't for a while which is really good news, but I haven't done any exersice in about 3 weeks which might be why, but I'm staying optimistic.

I just hope that 3 weeks of doing nothing doesn't get rid of all the training I've done prior to the injury. I read in runners world that 2 weeks of doing nothing decreases your fitness level which made me worry a bit. I hope it might have the opposite effect and I feel fresh on the legs.

When I really think about how I might feel in the middle of the night, I honestly think it might be the hardest thing I've ever done mentally and physically. Harder than Kilimanjaro or 24 Peaks in 24 Hours and so much more. Although mum says that Kilimanjaro was harder for her. (Bearing in mind she's completed the Parish twice) The second time was to make sure the first wasn't an accident. Although the first time my mum attempted the walk - she only got to Ballagh which is halfway.

My boyfriend Dan lives in Kirk Michael and he is going to be in the support car with my parents from that point onwards. 2 friends;Elliott and Jo (and probably others) are going to find me as well which will be nice.

Unfortunately I won't be using that text service which Manx Telecom are providing because I have a basic phone with no Internet. But I will be putting lots of money on my phone in case I need to ring my support or kill boredom by talking to friends.

Initially I wasn't going to have backup until after Peel because my mum is walking to Rushan, however I have found a friend who will back me up over the sloc. I am worried however, that Glenn will get lost as her sense of direction is bad and also I'll have to figure out when to call her and how much notice to give.

In case anyone didn't realise, its Fathers day on Sunday, 21st June when all the Parish Walkers will be walking through the night. I was intending to give dad my present at midnight whilst walking - but he already found out what I got him which is really annoying. My dad works 1 week in Swizerland followed by 1 week on the Isle of Man and he left to go to Switzerland yesterday. My dad swims about 3 times a week, so on Saturday, I added 10 swimming sessions to my dads NSC card thinking he wouldn't be going untill next week, however, he went yesterday before his flight and the lady at reception said he had 11 swimming sessions left - so he figured it out. My dad also asked if I could perhaps clean his car as an added Fathers day present. I've also done that now as there is no chance I'm doing that this Sunday coming!

All that's left to give my dad is a card and I'll do that whilst I'm walking at midnight. It has a picture of a car and him being lost which is so true as his sense of direction is also awful. However, it will not be funny if that actually happens. I trust my mum if she's driving. She won't get lost and won't go to far ahead. She also will know how I'll be feeling since she's done it twice before. But if mums asleep, I hope dad knows where he's going and that he won't go too far ahead! When my mum did it, she said that dad went too far ahead in Maughold area. Mum thought she was lost as she didn't see her support car for almost 2 hours and she was so relieved when she spotted it in the distance.

Guess what I found today? I found a penny whilst cleaning my room. It is going to be my lucky penny which I'm actually going to carry with me because not only is it a penny, it's also got a picture of the Parish walk finish - war memorial which I haven't come across before.

One thing I am concerned about is the fact that I'm on an early shift at work on 22 June. My shift starts at 07:30 and finishes at 14:30. I'm trying to work out what would be best, an early or a late which is 14:00 - 22:00. A late would mean more sleep but an early would mean getting it out of the way.

Mum has already agreed to give me a lift to work and back just in case I am unable to drive. I would take holiday but I don't have any days left to take. I do know the consequences of completing the Parish walk, I'll probably be in a lot of pain and find it hard to move afterwards. But if I do complete the walk, I'll be so over the moon that I won't care about being at work in pain. I know the consequence.

Right, I'm off to Kirby garden centre to buy my brother a birthday present. He's 18 on 22 June and there is no way I'm making an effort to get him a present after the Parish. (He's in to feeding the birds and gardening.) I'm going to walk there and back which is probably just short of 6 miles.

(My dad and brother don't read this blog so they won't know)

I'm sure I'll post another blog before the event - it will probably do me some good on Friday as it will get all my nerves out of my system which will help me sleep. Speaking of that, I have been sleeping brilliantly for the last Month despite doing no exercise to tire me out. One thing I learnt a while ago is sleep can do more good than training in the last few weeks to a big event.

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Thanks for the post about the jelly. I'll give it a try! All the best for Saturday :)