Friday, 19 June 2009


Where has the time's my last post before the event. I am really excited about tomorrow. I'm full with nerves but I am really looking forward to it as well. I drove around the Parish Walk route all the way to Ballagh today, unfortunately I didn't have time to continue to the end even though that was the plan originally. (Lets hope I don't experience that tomorrow.)

My plan for tomorrow is to only listen to my music in the second half of the race. This way I can talk to people on the 1st half when there will be more people about, and listen to my music when I most need it. Also, I don't know about you, but I find that after a while of listening to music it just fades into the background and you don't really hear it anymore.

I just recently got in from a very good day at work and I received a good luck card from my friend Fern. I am so humbled with the support I have been given. All day I have been getting texts wishing me luck, telling me that if anyone can do it it's me and I've got more determination than anyone they know and that they will be finding me on the course to give their support. Like Dee for example, she lives in Port Erin and she will be looking out for me at Rushan. Even my friend Sarah who has just had a baby is going to find time to support me. My friends are just fantastic and I am so grateful!

My friends boyfriend - Sean Murphy, completed the walk last year and he is going to attempt it again. I'm really pleased about that because I will be wanting to have updates on his progress. I'm also going to be interested in how all the leaders are getting on although I'll be very envious when they finish knowing that I still have ages to go. I honestly do not know how you can possible walk that fast full stop, never mind a distance of 85 miles, it's just unbelievable.

There is no point in worrying about my knee now because there is nothing I can do, what happens happens and I'll have to take each step at a time, I'll just keep plodding along and eventually I'll get there. All I can do is my best and I promise you I'll deliver that. The only way I'll be giving up is if I absolutely have to and I can't physically walk anymore. But I really hope that doesn't happen because I have bought the Parish Walk Program for a momentum for this event and I really don't want it saying anything other than I finished.

Another excuse for me to keep going is that I have a physio appointment with the NHS this Monday coming. I can't believe how short the waiting list was, I was pleasently surprised when I received a phonecall. I was expecting to wait Months not 1 week. So I'm chuffed with that. Hopefully I can get my hip sorted too stop the pain in my knee sooner than I thought.

I'll really looking forward to recovering from the Parish so I can go out running again because I've really missed it and I definately prefure running to walking.

Can I already say "never again" before I even given it a shot?!

Best of luck to everyone and if you bump into me I'd love a chat to pass the miles. I'll let you know how I got on by posting an update after the event. Although I can't promise you it will be Sunday!

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