Sunday, 25 January 2009

I had another good week, I have trained every day this week and I wouldn't be able to do it without my I-POD.

On Monday, I did my own thing because I wanted to watch the football with my friends so I ran straight from home after work at 5:30. I ran 6 miles in the pouring rain. I would have liked to meet a group of runners at the NSC at 6 but it would have added 1 hour to my time which meant pushing it for watching the football with my friends.

On Tuesday, I went to a weight training class during my lunch hour and then walked 9 miles after work before dancing class.

On Wednesday, I did my own thing again because I promised my best friends that I would meet them for a few drinks in Havana. I finished work an hour earlier than usual so I could do both. Again, I just ran 6 miles in the pouring ran.

On Thursday, I walked 9 miles again in the rain.

On Friday, I went to the gym during my lunch hour so I could see Dan later than night. It was quite handy because on Saturday morning I walked 16 miles. I walked to Douglas from Kirk Michael via Peel. To be honest, when I woke up on Saturday morning, I really couldn't be bothered, I just wanted to stay in bed. But, I just remembered the reason behind it and I just got on with it.

I've started this little plan which is to reward myself every time I go out walking. I've really got into the TV series 'Prison Break' and I have the first series on DVD box set. For every walk I do, I can watch 1 episode of Prison Break and I think a weekend walk is worth 2 episodes of Prison break. I don't know how long this is will work for, but that's the plan for the time being. I think it motivates myself to do the training and gives me a treat when I finish.

One thing I am struggling with - even more so than usual, is getting the balance between training and socialising with my friends and boyfriend. I have to do all of them and it's really hard to do that. Like this week for example, I had to finish work 1 hour earlier which I can't always do and I sometimes have to do my own thing and I'd rather run with a group. On Saturdays If I do go out walking, I have to do it first thing in the morning because I always meet my friends in town on Saturday. Also, my friends have said we are now going to meet up on Thursday every week guaranteed and I really want to meet them too but I can't not train or I won't enjoy myself, I'd my there but my mind won't because I'd feel guilty/worried that I haven't trained. Also, Thursdays are my walking days which are vital. I've suggested I meet them every other week and perhaps I sometimes walk before work which starts at 9am?!?! :s

Changing the subject completely....I seriously need to invest in some proper gloves, my hands get freezing when I walk because I have Raynaud's Disease. The blood stops flowing to my fingers and my hands turn yellow/white and it very painful/numb and can't do anything with my hands which makes it really frustrating when I need to get some food out of my pocket for example. Usually I'm OK going from A-B in a cheap pair of gloves but when I go on a long walk it's ridiculous. Yesterday, when I walked 16 miles, I could only find one glove and I'm not joking - I resorted to using a sock as a glove. It was Dan's suggestion and unfortunately, I had no choice. Trust me, I wouldn't want to look stupid if I felt I didn't have too. I also ended up walking with my hands inside my sleeves which restricts my movement, but again I have to do it. During this walk, I thought enough's enough, I need a proper pair of gloves. The weather has beenhorrible recently, Its fine all day and then as soon as I finish work at 17:00 it just starts pouring with rain, it's typical. During my run on Monday, I actually though that at liest the whether cannot get worse, it will slowly get nicer and lighter. Im really looking forward to the lighter evenings.

There is a question I need answered about the Parish which I haven't thought about until now. I don't mind it, it adds to the challenge, I'd just like to know the theory behind it. The Parish is all about walking to every Parish on the Island. Why do we then add about 6 miles to the walk? It starts at the NSC and finishers at the War Memorial? I think it starts at the NSC for parking purposes but only 100 odd people finish the full distance and it is staggered so parking shouldn't be an issue at the end? So why does it end at the war memorial rather than at Onchan Parish? An extra 6 miles is huge after walking 79 miles and it would make it that much more ......less difficult.

I have actually thought a few negative thoughts whilst training this week. I keep thinking what is 2-4 hours walking 3 times a week compared to the Parish? There is no comparison. I am scared it won't help and if it doesn't I will be mortified because I all those hours walking will be for nothing. If you think about it, it's not that far away, just under 5 Months, it's scary.

I don't think I will be doing any training tomorrow. It's my boyfriends birthday and I don't think he would appreciate it. I'm laos meeting a friend for lunch so can't go to the gym during lunch iether.

P.S. I watched Total Wipeout with friends and family yesterday because I was a contestant in it and it was absulutly amazing. Loved it. Best thing I've ever done but really surreal watching yourself on TV. I went out with my friends last night to celebrate a friends birthday/my TV appearence. I recorded it and definately going to watch it again. :) :) :)

Saturday, 17 January 2009

motivation :)

I've had a really good week because I've had so much motivation, (probably because I didn't go on a walk last Sunday and I had to make up for that.)

I have done the following:


Met up with a group of people and did speed training for running. We ran 1 mile as a warm up and cool down and ran three miles fast with a break in between each mile. It's a while since I've pushed myself that hard running and I enjoyed the company and will definitely keep doing it because it increases your speed in running and improves your fitness. (Also, I can't just forget my running because I'm taking part in the Liverpool half marathon in March and the Newcastle Great North run in September.


Besides walking to work and back (which I do everyday and takes half an hour each way) I went on a 1 hour 30 minute walk around Douglas before my dancing class at 19:30. My sister does dancing too which is so fortunate because she often brings my dancing shoes and clothes down which is very helpful. I also went to the gym during my lunch and I did a class which involves weights. I can't stress how bad I am at weights, I'm so weak, when I got back to work I struggle typing and my muscles hurt the next day. Strength is definitely my weakness and I need to work on it.


Despite, my muscles hurting and the horrible weather, I managed to motivate myself to meet a group of runners and run about 5 miles. We chose a route which involves quite a lot of hills and we sprinted up them.


After work, I went for a 2 hours and 15 minute walk on top of walking to work and back.


I went to the gym during my lunch.


I went to the gym and did an hour long circuit training class which is very hard and afterwards my dad drove mum and I too Laxey and we walked home. We did the exact route as you would doing the Parish. We touched Lonon church and the Onchan church and we even walked to the War memorial and from there we took the most direct route home. The total walk took 2 hours 15 minutes. The walk was really good, it's the first time I've had company and it didn't feel as if we had been walking for over 2 hours. The weather started to get bad towards the end. Once we got down to the prom, waves were going over the rails and sometimes as far as the other side of the road (where we were) at one point we got wet and I ran about 30 meters to get away from the area and the wind was against us all the way to the War memorial. If I get as far as Laxey (which I pray I do) I'm sure it will remind me of today.

I walked in the same socks in which I wore for last years 'End to End'. The same socks which gave me the worst blisters ever!!!! I wanted to wear them again to see if they should be binned or whether I was just foolish for wearing them in a 40 mile walk the day before I bought them. Turned out that the socks were very cosy so I might have to keep wearing them in and they might end up being useful - about time and I need to get my moneys worth, they were expensive.

I walked today because I probably won't have chance to walk tomorrow and I think I also deserve a rest tomorrow. Although, my dancing class lasts 3 hours tomorrow because we are making a DVD for Hip-Hop beginners, but it's not really exercising, the class involves a lot of starting and stopping and needless to say - chatting.

Just thought I'd mention that I was reading Adam's blog and he mentioned how he had bought a book on the The Parish Walk called "The Walk Through Time". I too have this book and I enjoyed reading it. If you are interested in the Parish Walk, I definitely recommend it.

I'm now looking forward to a nice quiet evening - which will probably involve watching Total Wipe-out and a rest day tomorrow and then back to usual on Monday.

Sunday, 11 January 2009

horrible weather :(

Did you know, despite writing this blog, I still haven’t applied for the Parish walk yet? I obviously will apply, I just haven't got round to it yet and I need to wait for my next payday to afford it. Also, I thought I'd mention that I have influenced my boyfriends mum and sister to take part for the first time this year. (I said I'd get them an application form which I must do today.)

I'm really annoyed today because I wanted to do my usual - which is to walk to dancing class from Kirk Michael (which is 14-16 miles depending on which route you take). It would have meant leaving Kirk Michael no later than 08:30 which I'm happy to do as I'm in a routine now, but this morning I could hear the winds howling. It would have been foolish to walk this morning, because I can walk via Injebreck and West Baldwin (which involves walking over the Mountain Road for the 1st hour) or walk via Peel (which has no shelter and is right by the coast). Both options would have been so windy. Dan wouldn't let me walk because of the wind and I was glad because I would have been scared.

I have been caught in high winds twice in my life and it is extremely scary. The 1st time was when I was 11 years old walking from Laxey to Douglas with mum.

The second time was very recently. I was doing "24 peaks in 24 hours" raising funds for The IOM Children's Centre. On the second half of the second day the winds had picked up. We were battling against the wind, it was exhausting and terrifying. At times, I had 2 grown up men holding on to each arm to ensure I didn't blow away. We found a hole in the ground with rocks built up like a wall which sheltered the wind. We stopped to rest and we considered quitting but thankfully didn't. We had an expert with us who estimated that the gusts reached 80 miles per hour.

I just don't like putting myself at risk. If I don't feel safe, I won't enjoy myself. I sometimes see people running along the road from Douglas to Peel which is pitch black at night. Or I see people cycle along that same road at night without a helmet or reflective clothing? I wonder how people dare to do it? But then I remind myself that it's a good thing that I'm being safe.

On a positive note, I did walk from Kirk Michael to home last Sunday. I covered 16 miles and my legs felt fresh afterwards which is good.

This week I also ran 6 miles with mum. I like running with mum because it's good company but the only problem is - she's a lot slower than me now, either that or I've just got faster? Anyway, I ran with these weights which wrap around my ankles to make it slightly harder for me. (well, actually a lot harder) I'm half a stone heavier with the weights on. But it stops me getting annoyed at the slow pace and means I don't push my mum to run faster than what she can. She recently recovered from a serous back injury and I don't want it to re-occur. On the last 10 minutes of the run I really pushed myself and ran as fast as I could. My knees hurt a little bit after the run (I think it was something do to with the weights) but it quickly went away.

This week, I have also been to the gym twice and whilst at the gym on Friday, a lady approached me and asked how my training was doing. I think it's really nice that people are taking an interest.

I almost forgot to mention, I went down to the Intersport sale yesterday and bought 2 jackets, 1 pair of trousers ,1 t-shirt and a pair of trainers (which I'm going to use in the Parish walk) It is the same make and model of my current shoe just the next grade up. The gear looks really good and is the type of material that keeps you warm and wicks sweat away from the skin. The clothes are breathable, wind proof and smooth (which helps prevent rubbing and rashes). I'm looking forward to wearing the new clothes. I'll have to make use of them this week and go for a long walk during a weeknight to make up for not going out today.

I'm going to save my trainers especially for the Parish so that there nice and new still. I'll start wearing them in April - which will help prevent blisters.

Before I go, you have to watch Total Wipeout which is on every Saturday on BBC1 at around 18:00. It's hilarious and I'm a contestant on Sat 24 Jan. (It's an unusual training session shall we say)

Thursday, 1 January 2009

1 January 2009 - I'm feeling good. I went to a house gathering last night and didn't drink so I could drive home without the hassle of getting a taxi. I had such a good night, the best one yet. I got in at 01:30 and at midday I did the Peel dip - which would wake anyone up. The water was 6 degrees, the coldest yet.

By the way, I did keep to my word- I walked home from Kirk Michael to Douglas via Injebreck and West Baldwin last Saturday morning. It took me 3 hours. There is 3 different sections to the walk each taking 1 hour. It breaks the walk up nicely. The worst part of the walk is the 1st section because you walk on a main road along the TT course for 2 miles and then turn left towards the mountain road and follow the steep incline. The reason why it is the worst part of the walk is because it can be dangerous, the path on the main road is not even and it can be cold and windy once you get onto the mountain. It can also sometimes be foggy and I think in these conditions, I wouldn't go ahead. The 2nd section is when you turn right before the 1st cattle gate which is a bendy and at 1st, a steep downhill road. It then starts to look like more of a forestry area/plantation and then you can see the reservoir and Ard Whallin. After that, you see a bit more civilization as there are some really nice cottages. I really like this part of the walk and it is very scenic and quiet. Not many cars. The 3rd section is once who get back on to the main road just before the top of Strang near the hospital. I suppose I like this part too as I go past a lot of my friends houses and I am also near to home myself.

I don't know what distance this walk is. I'm guessing it's about 13/14 miles. Next time I drive to Kirk Michael I'm going to measure the distance.

One little incident did happen just after the Mountain Road. Despite the boards warning me of ice, I still managed to slip and fall because of it. The fall cracked the ice and made me feel really cold especially my hands as my gloves were not waterproof. It also kind of hurt. But luckily I was OK, I had my phone with me but there was no signal.

I tend to carry my phone with me now. I've had a few things happen to me recently which makes me want to bring it with me. I'll start from the beginning:

2 Months ago I intended to go for a 6 mile run around Douglas and about 3 miles into it, a car came from a blind corner and ran over my foot. It was by the taxi rank on Lord Street opposite the bus station. Luckily the taxi was driving very slowly as it was approaching a junction. But I couldn't stop myself in time and I fell onto the bonnet of the car and the wheel ran over my foot. It was very painful. I fell to the floor and I got an ambulance to the hospital. Luckily, nothing was broken, I only suffered from bruising, swelling and shock. I was given painkillers and anti inflammatory tablets and crutches which I used for a couple of days.

Since then, I have written to the Department of Transport because I think the junction is very bad and could be improved considerably. I got some result out of my letter but not the answer I was looking for. I might write again - when I find time.

Anyway, since then, a big massive branch was about 2 inches from falling onto my head. I was out walking and a tractor was on the other side of the hedge trimming the trees. I didn't see the tractor and I'm assuming I wasn't seen either.

On a recent walk, my back hurt which I mentioned in my previous update and this time I fell badly by slipping on ice.

On Sunday morning, I managed to persuade myself to walk to Kirk Michael. Again, it took me 3 hours. This time I suffered from blisters (on my heels) which I am surprised about because I haven't had any recently. I think it might have had something to do with the fact that the very night before I had told my family I had no blisters. A lesson learnt.

On a serious note, the blisters were quite painful and I could feel them only 1 hour into the walk. It got really painful when I got to the steep inclines because the blisters were rubbing even more. It doesn't give you much confidence getting blisters after 1 hour. If that were to happen in the Parish? It's not even worth thinking about.

On Monday, I went for a 6 mile run (I covered my blisters with plasters.) The run was really enjoyable until I realised something.... I have a flight booked from The Isle of Man to London Gatwick on 1 March 2009 to catch another flight later that day to Tenerife. I just realised that on 1st March 2009, I will be in Manchester coming home from visiting my sponsored child in Bulgaria. I got home in a bit of a panic, I resolved the problem by booking a flight from Manchester to London. Now, I somehow have to fit in skiing clothes and beach clothes into 1 suitcase? It's my own fault that my life is complicated.

I haven't had time to do anymore runs/walks this week.

Happy new year everyone. My resolution is to continue as I have.