Thursday, 1 January 2009

1 January 2009 - I'm feeling good. I went to a house gathering last night and didn't drink so I could drive home without the hassle of getting a taxi. I had such a good night, the best one yet. I got in at 01:30 and at midday I did the Peel dip - which would wake anyone up. The water was 6 degrees, the coldest yet.

By the way, I did keep to my word- I walked home from Kirk Michael to Douglas via Injebreck and West Baldwin last Saturday morning. It took me 3 hours. There is 3 different sections to the walk each taking 1 hour. It breaks the walk up nicely. The worst part of the walk is the 1st section because you walk on a main road along the TT course for 2 miles and then turn left towards the mountain road and follow the steep incline. The reason why it is the worst part of the walk is because it can be dangerous, the path on the main road is not even and it can be cold and windy once you get onto the mountain. It can also sometimes be foggy and I think in these conditions, I wouldn't go ahead. The 2nd section is when you turn right before the 1st cattle gate which is a bendy and at 1st, a steep downhill road. It then starts to look like more of a forestry area/plantation and then you can see the reservoir and Ard Whallin. After that, you see a bit more civilization as there are some really nice cottages. I really like this part of the walk and it is very scenic and quiet. Not many cars. The 3rd section is once who get back on to the main road just before the top of Strang near the hospital. I suppose I like this part too as I go past a lot of my friends houses and I am also near to home myself.

I don't know what distance this walk is. I'm guessing it's about 13/14 miles. Next time I drive to Kirk Michael I'm going to measure the distance.

One little incident did happen just after the Mountain Road. Despite the boards warning me of ice, I still managed to slip and fall because of it. The fall cracked the ice and made me feel really cold especially my hands as my gloves were not waterproof. It also kind of hurt. But luckily I was OK, I had my phone with me but there was no signal.

I tend to carry my phone with me now. I've had a few things happen to me recently which makes me want to bring it with me. I'll start from the beginning:

2 Months ago I intended to go for a 6 mile run around Douglas and about 3 miles into it, a car came from a blind corner and ran over my foot. It was by the taxi rank on Lord Street opposite the bus station. Luckily the taxi was driving very slowly as it was approaching a junction. But I couldn't stop myself in time and I fell onto the bonnet of the car and the wheel ran over my foot. It was very painful. I fell to the floor and I got an ambulance to the hospital. Luckily, nothing was broken, I only suffered from bruising, swelling and shock. I was given painkillers and anti inflammatory tablets and crutches which I used for a couple of days.

Since then, I have written to the Department of Transport because I think the junction is very bad and could be improved considerably. I got some result out of my letter but not the answer I was looking for. I might write again - when I find time.

Anyway, since then, a big massive branch was about 2 inches from falling onto my head. I was out walking and a tractor was on the other side of the hedge trimming the trees. I didn't see the tractor and I'm assuming I wasn't seen either.

On a recent walk, my back hurt which I mentioned in my previous update and this time I fell badly by slipping on ice.

On Sunday morning, I managed to persuade myself to walk to Kirk Michael. Again, it took me 3 hours. This time I suffered from blisters (on my heels) which I am surprised about because I haven't had any recently. I think it might have had something to do with the fact that the very night before I had told my family I had no blisters. A lesson learnt.

On a serious note, the blisters were quite painful and I could feel them only 1 hour into the walk. It got really painful when I got to the steep inclines because the blisters were rubbing even more. It doesn't give you much confidence getting blisters after 1 hour. If that were to happen in the Parish? It's not even worth thinking about.

On Monday, I went for a 6 mile run (I covered my blisters with plasters.) The run was really enjoyable until I realised something.... I have a flight booked from The Isle of Man to London Gatwick on 1 March 2009 to catch another flight later that day to Tenerife. I just realised that on 1st March 2009, I will be in Manchester coming home from visiting my sponsored child in Bulgaria. I got home in a bit of a panic, I resolved the problem by booking a flight from Manchester to London. Now, I somehow have to fit in skiing clothes and beach clothes into 1 suitcase? It's my own fault that my life is complicated.

I haven't had time to do anymore runs/walks this week.

Happy new year everyone. My resolution is to continue as I have.

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