Sunday, 25 January 2009

I had another good week, I have trained every day this week and I wouldn't be able to do it without my I-POD.

On Monday, I did my own thing because I wanted to watch the football with my friends so I ran straight from home after work at 5:30. I ran 6 miles in the pouring rain. I would have liked to meet a group of runners at the NSC at 6 but it would have added 1 hour to my time which meant pushing it for watching the football with my friends.

On Tuesday, I went to a weight training class during my lunch hour and then walked 9 miles after work before dancing class.

On Wednesday, I did my own thing again because I promised my best friends that I would meet them for a few drinks in Havana. I finished work an hour earlier than usual so I could do both. Again, I just ran 6 miles in the pouring ran.

On Thursday, I walked 9 miles again in the rain.

On Friday, I went to the gym during my lunch hour so I could see Dan later than night. It was quite handy because on Saturday morning I walked 16 miles. I walked to Douglas from Kirk Michael via Peel. To be honest, when I woke up on Saturday morning, I really couldn't be bothered, I just wanted to stay in bed. But, I just remembered the reason behind it and I just got on with it.

I've started this little plan which is to reward myself every time I go out walking. I've really got into the TV series 'Prison Break' and I have the first series on DVD box set. For every walk I do, I can watch 1 episode of Prison Break and I think a weekend walk is worth 2 episodes of Prison break. I don't know how long this is will work for, but that's the plan for the time being. I think it motivates myself to do the training and gives me a treat when I finish.

One thing I am struggling with - even more so than usual, is getting the balance between training and socialising with my friends and boyfriend. I have to do all of them and it's really hard to do that. Like this week for example, I had to finish work 1 hour earlier which I can't always do and I sometimes have to do my own thing and I'd rather run with a group. On Saturdays If I do go out walking, I have to do it first thing in the morning because I always meet my friends in town on Saturday. Also, my friends have said we are now going to meet up on Thursday every week guaranteed and I really want to meet them too but I can't not train or I won't enjoy myself, I'd my there but my mind won't because I'd feel guilty/worried that I haven't trained. Also, Thursdays are my walking days which are vital. I've suggested I meet them every other week and perhaps I sometimes walk before work which starts at 9am?!?! :s

Changing the subject completely....I seriously need to invest in some proper gloves, my hands get freezing when I walk because I have Raynaud's Disease. The blood stops flowing to my fingers and my hands turn yellow/white and it very painful/numb and can't do anything with my hands which makes it really frustrating when I need to get some food out of my pocket for example. Usually I'm OK going from A-B in a cheap pair of gloves but when I go on a long walk it's ridiculous. Yesterday, when I walked 16 miles, I could only find one glove and I'm not joking - I resorted to using a sock as a glove. It was Dan's suggestion and unfortunately, I had no choice. Trust me, I wouldn't want to look stupid if I felt I didn't have too. I also ended up walking with my hands inside my sleeves which restricts my movement, but again I have to do it. During this walk, I thought enough's enough, I need a proper pair of gloves. The weather has beenhorrible recently, Its fine all day and then as soon as I finish work at 17:00 it just starts pouring with rain, it's typical. During my run on Monday, I actually though that at liest the whether cannot get worse, it will slowly get nicer and lighter. Im really looking forward to the lighter evenings.

There is a question I need answered about the Parish which I haven't thought about until now. I don't mind it, it adds to the challenge, I'd just like to know the theory behind it. The Parish is all about walking to every Parish on the Island. Why do we then add about 6 miles to the walk? It starts at the NSC and finishers at the War Memorial? I think it starts at the NSC for parking purposes but only 100 odd people finish the full distance and it is staggered so parking shouldn't be an issue at the end? So why does it end at the war memorial rather than at Onchan Parish? An extra 6 miles is huge after walking 79 miles and it would make it that much more ......less difficult.

I have actually thought a few negative thoughts whilst training this week. I keep thinking what is 2-4 hours walking 3 times a week compared to the Parish? There is no comparison. I am scared it won't help and if it doesn't I will be mortified because I all those hours walking will be for nothing. If you think about it, it's not that far away, just under 5 Months, it's scary.

I don't think I will be doing any training tomorrow. It's my boyfriends birthday and I don't think he would appreciate it. I'm laos meeting a friend for lunch so can't go to the gym during lunch iether.

P.S. I watched Total Wipeout with friends and family yesterday because I was a contestant in it and it was absulutly amazing. Loved it. Best thing I've ever done but really surreal watching yourself on TV. I went out with my friends last night to celebrate a friends birthday/my TV appearence. I recorded it and definately going to watch it again. :) :) :)

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Michael said...

Wow Julia! Calm down. If you're worrying so much with 5 months to go, what are you going to be like when it comes about?

It is virtually impossible to train for 85 miles. All that you can do is get in the best condition possible. For 2006 & 2007, the longest walk I did apart from a couple of races was only 3 hours long and I managed to finish both of them quite competitively.

Make sure you rest!

The way that you are describing your preparation, it sounds like hell on earth and if you are really having to force yourself out there all the time, you are going to end up hating it.

You do need some discipline but plan your week ahead, making it realistic. If you can train 5 times a week, then great but make a couple of them short sharp sessions of no more than an hour including warm up and cool down. If you miss the odd session, the world won't stop turning and you could switch it for a different day.

A long one at the weekend is a good idea but don't go more than 4 hours as your body will take too long to recover.

Most importantly, enjoy it!