Sunday, 11 January 2009

horrible weather :(

Did you know, despite writing this blog, I still haven’t applied for the Parish walk yet? I obviously will apply, I just haven't got round to it yet and I need to wait for my next payday to afford it. Also, I thought I'd mention that I have influenced my boyfriends mum and sister to take part for the first time this year. (I said I'd get them an application form which I must do today.)

I'm really annoyed today because I wanted to do my usual - which is to walk to dancing class from Kirk Michael (which is 14-16 miles depending on which route you take). It would have meant leaving Kirk Michael no later than 08:30 which I'm happy to do as I'm in a routine now, but this morning I could hear the winds howling. It would have been foolish to walk this morning, because I can walk via Injebreck and West Baldwin (which involves walking over the Mountain Road for the 1st hour) or walk via Peel (which has no shelter and is right by the coast). Both options would have been so windy. Dan wouldn't let me walk because of the wind and I was glad because I would have been scared.

I have been caught in high winds twice in my life and it is extremely scary. The 1st time was when I was 11 years old walking from Laxey to Douglas with mum.

The second time was very recently. I was doing "24 peaks in 24 hours" raising funds for The IOM Children's Centre. On the second half of the second day the winds had picked up. We were battling against the wind, it was exhausting and terrifying. At times, I had 2 grown up men holding on to each arm to ensure I didn't blow away. We found a hole in the ground with rocks built up like a wall which sheltered the wind. We stopped to rest and we considered quitting but thankfully didn't. We had an expert with us who estimated that the gusts reached 80 miles per hour.

I just don't like putting myself at risk. If I don't feel safe, I won't enjoy myself. I sometimes see people running along the road from Douglas to Peel which is pitch black at night. Or I see people cycle along that same road at night without a helmet or reflective clothing? I wonder how people dare to do it? But then I remind myself that it's a good thing that I'm being safe.

On a positive note, I did walk from Kirk Michael to home last Sunday. I covered 16 miles and my legs felt fresh afterwards which is good.

This week I also ran 6 miles with mum. I like running with mum because it's good company but the only problem is - she's a lot slower than me now, either that or I've just got faster? Anyway, I ran with these weights which wrap around my ankles to make it slightly harder for me. (well, actually a lot harder) I'm half a stone heavier with the weights on. But it stops me getting annoyed at the slow pace and means I don't push my mum to run faster than what she can. She recently recovered from a serous back injury and I don't want it to re-occur. On the last 10 minutes of the run I really pushed myself and ran as fast as I could. My knees hurt a little bit after the run (I think it was something do to with the weights) but it quickly went away.

This week, I have also been to the gym twice and whilst at the gym on Friday, a lady approached me and asked how my training was doing. I think it's really nice that people are taking an interest.

I almost forgot to mention, I went down to the Intersport sale yesterday and bought 2 jackets, 1 pair of trousers ,1 t-shirt and a pair of trainers (which I'm going to use in the Parish walk) It is the same make and model of my current shoe just the next grade up. The gear looks really good and is the type of material that keeps you warm and wicks sweat away from the skin. The clothes are breathable, wind proof and smooth (which helps prevent rubbing and rashes). I'm looking forward to wearing the new clothes. I'll have to make use of them this week and go for a long walk during a weeknight to make up for not going out today.

I'm going to save my trainers especially for the Parish so that there nice and new still. I'll start wearing them in April - which will help prevent blisters.

Before I go, you have to watch Total Wipeout which is on every Saturday on BBC1 at around 18:00. It's hilarious and I'm a contestant on Sat 24 Jan. (It's an unusual training session shall we say)

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