Saturday, 17 January 2009

motivation :)

I've had a really good week because I've had so much motivation, (probably because I didn't go on a walk last Sunday and I had to make up for that.)

I have done the following:


Met up with a group of people and did speed training for running. We ran 1 mile as a warm up and cool down and ran three miles fast with a break in between each mile. It's a while since I've pushed myself that hard running and I enjoyed the company and will definitely keep doing it because it increases your speed in running and improves your fitness. (Also, I can't just forget my running because I'm taking part in the Liverpool half marathon in March and the Newcastle Great North run in September.


Besides walking to work and back (which I do everyday and takes half an hour each way) I went on a 1 hour 30 minute walk around Douglas before my dancing class at 19:30. My sister does dancing too which is so fortunate because she often brings my dancing shoes and clothes down which is very helpful. I also went to the gym during my lunch and I did a class which involves weights. I can't stress how bad I am at weights, I'm so weak, when I got back to work I struggle typing and my muscles hurt the next day. Strength is definitely my weakness and I need to work on it.


Despite, my muscles hurting and the horrible weather, I managed to motivate myself to meet a group of runners and run about 5 miles. We chose a route which involves quite a lot of hills and we sprinted up them.


After work, I went for a 2 hours and 15 minute walk on top of walking to work and back.


I went to the gym during my lunch.


I went to the gym and did an hour long circuit training class which is very hard and afterwards my dad drove mum and I too Laxey and we walked home. We did the exact route as you would doing the Parish. We touched Lonon church and the Onchan church and we even walked to the War memorial and from there we took the most direct route home. The total walk took 2 hours 15 minutes. The walk was really good, it's the first time I've had company and it didn't feel as if we had been walking for over 2 hours. The weather started to get bad towards the end. Once we got down to the prom, waves were going over the rails and sometimes as far as the other side of the road (where we were) at one point we got wet and I ran about 30 meters to get away from the area and the wind was against us all the way to the War memorial. If I get as far as Laxey (which I pray I do) I'm sure it will remind me of today.

I walked in the same socks in which I wore for last years 'End to End'. The same socks which gave me the worst blisters ever!!!! I wanted to wear them again to see if they should be binned or whether I was just foolish for wearing them in a 40 mile walk the day before I bought them. Turned out that the socks were very cosy so I might have to keep wearing them in and they might end up being useful - about time and I need to get my moneys worth, they were expensive.

I walked today because I probably won't have chance to walk tomorrow and I think I also deserve a rest tomorrow. Although, my dancing class lasts 3 hours tomorrow because we are making a DVD for Hip-Hop beginners, but it's not really exercising, the class involves a lot of starting and stopping and needless to say - chatting.

Just thought I'd mention that I was reading Adam's blog and he mentioned how he had bought a book on the The Parish Walk called "The Walk Through Time". I too have this book and I enjoyed reading it. If you are interested in the Parish Walk, I definitely recommend it.

I'm now looking forward to a nice quiet evening - which will probably involve watching Total Wipe-out and a rest day tomorrow and then back to usual on Monday.

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Michael said...

Well done. You are definitely correct about earning a rest. As Steve detailed two years ago, taking a break is extremely important.

Even more impressive was how you managed to do a 40 mile walk in socks the day before you bought them.