Sunday, 1 February 2009

Not much to say this week because I haven't done alot of training. I decided to take it easier because for the last two weeks I really pushed myself and trained hard every night.

I have only walked 14 miles and that's walking from A-B. It wasn't training. (Although the miles soon add up.)

I have however, gone to the gym 3 times - one of which was an hour long circuit training class which is very hard. I also met up with a group of runners and we did a hill session. We ran up a very long steep hill 3 times followed by a shorter but steeper hill twice and finished off by running 2 miles.

I've already mentioned to many times about how uncomfortable my hands are when I get a Raynard's attack which is everyday at the moment and when I go out running or walking I am guaranteed to get it every time. This is my biggest problem I have. On Wednesday when I went out running it was the worst I can remember ever having it and I was wearing sports gloves from the start? It really effects my enjoyment. Also, I can't concentrate on what I am doing because I end up doing anything to try and warm my hands up unsuccessfully. Anyway, I spent Thursday evening searching the Internet for gloves.

I bought 3 pairs of gloves for walking and running in. The gloves were suitable as an inner layer or to wear on their own. I'll probably have to wear two pairs of gloves at once.

I can't wait to receive them and I hope to see an improvement.

Whilst on the Internet I ending up buying about 4 pairs of walking socks too -I seriously have a limited collection and can do with a few more.

This week I also met someone who walked to Jurby in last years Parish event and is keen to train for this years. We ended up having a lot in common and we suggested going on a few walks together which will be good for both of us. She's in Jersey at the moment, so can't arrange it just yet, but I'll keep this blog updated as usual.

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