Saturday, 14 February 2009

Full of the cold

I just got back from a 10 mile walk. Part of the walk was along Marine Drive, which is a very nice area especially for walking as there isn't any traffic. The weather was also spot on. It wasn't cold (unless it was - and it was actually because I wrapped up well) anyway, I didn't feel the cold - which is a change and there was no wind either. The only problem I had at times, which wasn't really a problem, just annoying, I kept randomly having coughing fits as I have a horrible cold at the moment and I can't see the light at the end of the tunnel yet.

On Monday I ran 1km followed by 500meters as fast as possible and repeated it. I jogged very slowly between each set. I pushed myself so hard, partly because I had somebody pushing me and encouraging me to keep going giving me advise and tips throughout. I had the first symptoms of a cold on Monday, but it wasn't too bad at this point and it didn't effect my running.

On Tuesday, I went to my gym during lunch to do weight training and after work I did some cardio work before my dancing class. I also ended up walking 6 miles this day from walking to and from work and back to dancing.

On Wednesday, I did a 6 mile run and I kept changing my speed from jogging to sprinting. I used landmarks in the distance to do this. At one point I was running along the Douglas prom but it was very icy. It was dangerous to walk on never mind running so I had to run along the pavement instead. I struggled during training session as I could feel my cold getting worse and despite this I pushed myself really hard again. I probably haven't done myself any favours.

However, I'm hoping that the speed training I've done recently will benefit me in the half marathon run in Liverpool next Month.

I was so ill on Thursday and Friday that I skipt any kind of training. I even missed the chance to see some friends back from Uni! I had hoped that by doing nothing it might help clear up my cold but unfortunately not.

A week today I'm off to Bulgaria for a skiing holiday - cross fingers that I don't get any injuries! Whilst in Bulgaria, I'm going to visit my sponsored child as the chance won't arise often. I dread to think the coldness. I just hope I can stand it and have brought enough layers with me. From Bulgaria, I'm flying to Manchester, to London and then to Tenerife for another week holiday in the sun. So quite a drastic change in temperature and my suitcase looks quite random.

I was hoping to climb the tallest mountain in Tenerife called Teide whilst there but unfortunately there is snow at the top this time of year and guides only take tourists up in the Summer which is a shame. I have a thing with walking up Mountains now, if I have the chance, I have to do it. The list is short, but so far I have walked up Snaefell (from the Laxey Wheel) obviously, the tallest Mountain in England, Kilimanjaro in Africa and this August I'm attempting Machu Picchu in South America.

In a way, I wish the Machu Picchu experience was before the Parish. It would help with the mental side of things as well as the walking. But, I suppose I could do it the other way round - use the Parish as a mental training session for Machu Picchu instead. Although, the Parish means more to me, but then again, I do have the opportunity to keep applying year on year.

Whilst on this topic, about 1 Month ago, I had an amazing idea which would be excellent training for the Parish. But it cant work which disappointed me. I don't think I ever mentioned it? I thought of it whilst out walking. Their is a very popular walking event in Holland called "Nymegen Marches" which is a 4 day walking event. You can choose to do 30KM, 40KM or 50KM distance everyday. I took part in this event once about 6 years ago but I opted to the shortest distance as I quite young considering. I turned 15 on the second day of the event (I wore a T-shirt which told everyone it was my 15th birthday) I thought about going to Holland to take part in the event again because I loved it, but this time I would do the longest distance and it would be excellent training for the Parish. Then I remembered that the event is in the middle of July - after the Parish. (I can I forgot, the event it during my birthday)

I don't doubt that I won't do it again, it just would have been convenient if I could have used it as training as well. The date for the Sarah Killey walk has been confirmed - 26th April but I don't think you can enter for it yet. Forms will be available from the following website soon

Anyway, I'm hoping that by the time I get back from holiday, the evenings will be a lot lighter. This way, I can get my training in by walking to Peel whilst being able to see my boyfriend more often. (Although he lives in Kirk Michael he spends most evenings in Peel training for football.)

I hope to publish another post before I go, but if I don't have the chance, you'll know where I am.

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