Wednesday, 17 June 2009

I'm counting down the days.

The weather today reminded me of Last Years Parish Walk event. In fact, something everyday reminds me of the Parish Walk, I must have talked about the Parish Walk at least once everyday for the last year and I promise I am not exaggerating. I sometimes try and stop myself as it must drive everyone else mad but I can't help it.

Thankfully I can attend the Parish Walk presentation on Tuesday night. I have received my shift pattern for next week and it doesn't clash. I have been worried about that for some time so that's one thing off my mind. I'll attend the Parish Walk Presentation no matter what happens.

At work today we drove along the sloc to Peel and other parts of the Parish Walk route too and I don't know if it was a good thing or not because it reminded me just how long the distance is. Speaking of which, I friend at work is sponsoring me £1.00 per mile which is potentially £85.00 which he is well aware of. Very generous!

I'm itching for Saturday - because it's more nerve racking thinking about it, talking about it and waiting around. I just want to do it now. I guess I'm really nervous because it means so much to me to complete the walk and anywhere other than the finish would be failing. I'm scared of not making it due to pain, my injury or not being mentally strong enough. If I knew 100% that I could do it, I wouldn't be scared. Last year I was also nervous but not to this extent, that was because I was racing against my personal best which I did (6 hours 56 mins and 47 secs) and I was also hoping for 1st under 21 3 times in a row but unfortunately it wasn't to be I came 2nd instead.

I have been carbing up this last week eating a lot of Pasta which is actually one of my favourite foods which makes it very easy for me to do.

I'm only working 2 hours tomorrow from 07:30 - 09:30 so I'm going to use my spare time getting everything organised for Saturday.

Next Saturday my family and I are going out for a meal to celebrate my brothers 18th birthday, lets hope that we can also celebrate my achievement!

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