Monday, 8 June 2009

I work at Glen Darragh Road in Glen Vine about 100 meters pass the primary school on the opposite side of the road. This road is part of the Parish walk route and I saw a sign today by this area warning support vehicles that it is only one way along the road. I don't know whether it's been their for ages and I haven't noticed or whether it's just been put up. (Not that it matters, or you need to know.)

Since I have been writing this blog, back in December 2008, I don't think the Parish has ever been off my mind, if I'm not thinking about it, I think I still am subconsciously and when I purposely think about the event, I get really nervous and excited at the same time.

I just wish I didn't have this knee injury and I pray that it will be OK on the day and if it does get painful, I'm hoping it will be bearable and if not, I hope painkillers will do the trick - which I know is not ideal, but finishing the walk is so important to me and anywhere other than finishing would be failing. I recently bought a knee support from Intersport, just in case it helps. If not, it might help mentally.

When I did the Sara Killey event 3 years ago - which was the 1st event, then called seven station challenge. It was 50.5 miles long and the longest distance I had walked at the time was 40 miles in the End to End (which I was under 21 at the time, but I took my number off at Peel and continued unofficially-this was work all going towards the big event in less than 2 weeks time). At the start line I really wanted to finish but I didn't know whether I would be able to. Even though you were allowed to retire at any station, I still felt that not reaching the last station would be failing and that is how I finished. (That, and my mum backing me up after the 40 mile mark as I ran out of food.)

I have been doing my exercises religiously since going to the physio in the hope that it will make a difference. However, I am finding 2 exercises very difficult to do correctly. The first 1 is to lunge with my right foot forward and my hip, knee and toes have to be in line with each other which I can't do. I'll try and it will be better that my natural position, but it's still not in line. The other exercise is to stand up and lift my right foot slightly off the ground and bending and straightening my left leg. I have to again, keep my toes, knee and hip in line but I can't do this without twisting my hips to the left.

Now that I know what's wrong, it's so obvious and I can't believe I didn't notice it before, but that's always the way.

I cannot afford to continue going to physio, although I am glad I went the once because at least I now know the cause of the pain. I have booked an appointment with the Doctors for this Wednesday. I'm hoping to be put on the waiting list to see the physio via the NHS.

That way, if my knee does really hurt during the Parish and I have to retire at liest I will have something positive to think about. At least I am on the waiting list to see a physio and I'll be ready for next year. Although if that were to happen, I'd be terrified of training but I don't want to be on the start line with no miles in my legs either?!

In my bedroom wardrobe I have three big boxes already filled with alot of things I may need. One box is for clothes, 1 box is for medical stuff, ie/plasters (etc) and the final box is food and drinks. I want to be as organised and prepared as I can, especially since I can't train anymore. When I see other walkers - presumably training for the Parish walk, I just wish that was me. I especially miss running, I feel like that even more when I see runners.

The only exersise I have been getting in recent weeks is walking to town and back and on Wednesday when I have my doctors appointment, I will walk there to. But I don't count that as exersise, I call it a healthier option to driving - which I wish more people did.

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