Sunday, 17 May 2009

Raising funds for Autism Initiatives

I cannot believe how fast the Parish walk is approaching, 1 Month and 3 days to go. How scary is that?

I am going to train really hard tomorrow and throughout the week as I am taking part in the Isle of Man walking festival. I am walking around the Island in 5 days and including the walk to the start and back, I will be walking 24 miles a day for 5 days which will give me good confidence - I think.

However, not all of the walk is on road, the walk covers road, glens, beaches (etc) so it will be a variety of surfaces (which I think is easier on your feet).

I really do hope that the weather isn't going to be so unpredictable as it is now. Everytime I have been outside this weekend its started pouring with rain and as soon as I go indoors, the sun comes out?

Last Monday and Tuesday, I walked to work and back which is 9 miles all together and on Wednesday, I walked to Glen vine again (where I work) and afterwards, I continued walking in the direction of Peel and continued to Kirk Michael to see my boyfriend.

It took me just under 3 hours to walk from Glen Vine to Kirk Michael via Peel. The weather wasn't the best but it could have been alot worse. Everyone at my work thought I was mad when I refused a lift in order to walk.

I have decided to raise money for Autism Initiatives which is a charity I work for. The funds will provide a sensory room for individuals with Autism on the Isle of Man. The facility costs £5000.00. I am going to do my best to raise as much money as possible.

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