Sunday, 10 May 2009

I have just scrolled through my entire blog very quickly and roughly adding up all the miles I have walked in 'training' sessions. The figure does not include miles walking to work and dancing etc and also does not include distances I've ran.

According to this blog, to date I have walked 389 miles.

It seems quite high, but the miles soon add up and sometimes I do wonder if I am doing enough?

Throughout Monday - Thursday I walked to work and back which is now based in Glen Vine. This is probably about a 9 mile walk including the walk home.

On Saturday, my boyfriend offered to pick me up from Douglas and give me a lift back to his in Kirk Michael (but after the football) I decided to walk towards Peel as it would add miles to my feet and would be less effort for him. In the end I got as far as Ballacrain (2 miles from Peel). I probably walked about 9 miles.

On Sunday morning, I left Kirk Michael at about 07:15 and walked to Douglas via Interbreck. I really enjoyed the walk and felt really comfortable at the quaterbridge. I decided to continue walking and not take the most direct route home (which is what I usually do) I walked to the Quay and along the prom, up Summerhill and back to my house from Onchan. Soon afterwards I walked to dancing and back. Probably a total of 20 miles.

Next week I'm taking part in the IOM Walking Festival which is following 'The Way of the Gull' around the coastal path. It will cover 100 miles in 5 days, I hope this will be good training for the Parish.

In the mean time, I will continue to walk to work and back when I can. Sometimes, it isn't possible because on Monday, for example, I will be based in KirkMichael.

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