Thursday, 2 April 2009

So much for resting?

I haven't rested since the half marathon, I should really, but I'm going to rest next week instead as I'm taking part in the Port Erin 6 Mile run on Good Friday.

On Monday (bearing in mind this was the day after the half marathon) I went on a 7 mile run varying my speed from jogging to running to sprinting. It was really tough, my legs felt so heavy and I was grateful when I finished. All the way through the run I thought to myself that I shouldn't be doing this.

I was thinking about resting on Tuesday, but I had already arranged to meet Jenny for a walk. Including my walk to work, I walked 12 miles in total. I started at Courfour leaving all my belongings in a locker there. I had dancing later that night at Courfour so I left my bag their deliberately. When I got home, my front door was locked, no one was in and I forgot to bring my house keys with me, (I left it in my bag at Courfour.) I was really annoyed at myself, I started walking back to Courfour, which would have added an extra 4 miles to the walk but I saw my mums Car at Shoprite and I got the keys off her - luckily. It meant having tea before going to dancing, which I needed.

On Wednesday, I met the usual running group at Nobles Park, we did a speed training session. We ran down quite a steep hill, along some thick grass and then back up another steep hill. We repeated it 6 times with a 2 minute rest each time. Afterwards, we did 2 sprints, 1 down a hill, the other up a hill. It was really hard and I fell asleep really early whilst watching TV.

On Thursday, I was planning on meeting up with a friend and resting. But she wanted to go to the gym to do a "Thighs, bums and tums" class. She asked me to go with her for 'moral support' and guess what? That's exactly what I did. So much for resting.

Tomorrow, I'm planning to go to the gym during my lunch, so I can't do much even if I wanted to. I will definitely rest on Saturday, but on Sunday I'm planning on walking home from Kirkmichael.

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