Tuesday, 21 April 2009

As at the moment, my knee feels a lot better. But, it might just be because I haven't been walking or running for the last 10 days or so. (But I like to be optimistic)

I have iced my knee a few times as I have been told it may help.

The only walk I have done is maximum 2 miles a few times.

On Sunday, I had dancing rehearsal at Courfour and again later on that day at Ballakermeen High School. I tested my knee out by running to Courfour from my house. My knee didn't hurt and I was really happy about that. But in the afternoon, I also tried to run home from Ballakermeen, but unfortunately, the pain came back. I did the sensible thing of walking home instead.

Last Friday was my last working day with Barclays. I now work for Autism Initiatives UK which is a charity helping Autistic people and their families. My main placement is at Glenvine and I have been cycling there and back this week which surprisingly doesn't hurt my knee. Although the job isn't physically active, it is definitely a lot more tiring, as your on your feet all day - in contrast to sitting down, behind a desk, all day.

It's only my second day, but I definitely feel that I have made the right choice. It's really challenging but rewarding and fulfilling too. It's what I have been looking for in a job for quite a while.

The job involves working weekends and shifts so I have had to book the Parish as holiday. (I might not need it as holiday, as it could end up being my day off anyway, but I did it in case it didn't work out like that. I didn't want to take any chances.

In a way, I feel quite bad because I have had to book quite a bit of holiday (but it has all been booked and paid for prior to job offer):

Parish Walk,
Great North Run in Newcastle
Isle of Man Walking Festival - training for the Parish
Family holiday to Ibiza (quiet side)
Climbing up Machu Pichu in South America with Family

I'm really exciting about my new job and I'm really keen to learn. Someone lent me a autobiography to read. A girl with Autism wrote the book and I've been told that it is good read.

To be honest, even if I didn't have this niggling pain in my knee, I wouldn't be able to train this week anyway. I feel really bad because Jenny has texted me a couple of times asking if I want to go for a walk with her, but unfortunately, I don't want to because of my knee and I can't because I'm so busy this week. I've started my new job, I have dancing rehearsals every night as we are doing a show at the Gaiety from Thurs - Sat. I need to somewhere along the lines visit the Douglas Police station because I've been selected to be a community Officer, which is working alongside the police voluntarily - and, one of my best friends just had a baby girl called Leah, 7 pounds. (who I haven't even been able to meet and probably won't have the chance too until next week.)

I shouldn't complain, when I do have half an hour to relax, I hate it.

Well....the Sara Killey walk is this Sunday I believe. I hope so anyway. I hope the rest this week does me good rather than the opposite effect. I will have to see what happens to my knee? I am not going to walk fast at all, probably the pace that I want to do in this years Parish, perhaps 4 miles an hour or just over that.

The Sara Kiley walk is 30 miles long and for the last 2 Parish's, I completed Peel in under 7 hours, so probably capable of completing the new Sara Killey walk in around 6 hours 30 minutes, but I'm not interested in speed at the moment, I just want to concentrate on distance.

Good luck, to everyone taking part in the event!

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