Monday, 13 April 2009

The last thing I need!!!

The only form of training that I have done since my last update is going to the gym during my lunch on Friday and walking 27 miles on Sunday. The 27 miles was split up throughout the day because I walked home from Kirk Michael an extra long way which was probably 21 miles. I then walked to dancing and back later that day and walked to the bus station in the evening. My legs and feet felt great, however, I did have blisters on my feet which I only noticed once I took my shoes and socks off.

Apart from that, I haven't done much - training wise, I've either been resting to perform well in a race or injured! :(

I've injured my knee quite badly and I'm really upset about it. It's the not knowing whats wrong with it, how it happened or what I need to do to make the injury go away.

I first felt my knee niggling on Good Friday, (The day I did the 10km run in Port Erin). My mum reckons it's because I've done too much and over trained but the ironic thing is - I didn't train 4 nights in a row because of the Port Erin 10km run.

I completed the race in 51 minutes. I am a bit disappointed because I wanted at least 50 minutes, but I did push myself and I forget every time how hilly the route is. My knee wasn't hurting during the race. At least I didn't think so at the time. (I am able to block out pain when I need too.) Only after the race was my knee really sore. I couldn't bend my leg and hobbled back to my car.

The following day my knee still hurt and again, I couldn't bend my leg. I met my friends in town and I struggled to keep up with the strolling pace. (A sight not often seen.)

However, the next day, Easter Sunday, my knee was fine and I could walk normally again. In actual fact, I completely forgot about the injury and really fancied a run in the evening. I ran 7 miles, it was really uncomfortable. The last mile I had to walk home because my knee was so sore. I cannot recall ever walking when I go out specifically for a run. I should have turned back the minute I took my first step and felt pain, but I love running and walking, it's what I do.

I'm not joking when I say I can't walk from A-B. This Easter Weekend I've been getting around on my push bike. My knee does hurt slightly when cycling but no where near to the extent of when I run or walk.

My mum has offered to drive me to work tomorrow. Some people, if not most people would prefer a lift to work, but not me, I hate the idea of not being able to walk to work and back.

My oldest brother Graham (24) also had a knee injury recently and he had a look at it to see if I had something similar. He is no physio therapist and couldn't help in the end but suggested an exercise that strengthens your core. Graham said that a lot of runners get injuries because all they do is run and have no core strength. (that's why my mum has a bad back now and she says Pilate's does her the world of good.)

I'm really worried about this injury because the Parish means everything to me and I've done so much training. It's typical really, we are only 2 Months away from the big day. I hope that I am exaggerating this injury and that it disappears, but I can't help but think the worse.

Mum reckons I should book a doctors appointment now so that if I need to see a physio, I can get on the waiting list now, rather than later.

I have arranged to meet Jenny a few times this week for a walk but I think I am going to have to cancel on her. I hate letting people down, especially when it comes to walking because I know how de-motivating it can be to go out on your own when you expected company. But if I don't cancel on her, I'll be letting myself down. Anyhow, I can't walk even if I wanted to, so I don't have a choice in the matter.

I also have the Sara Kiley walk in 2 weeks time, so cross fingers the injury has gone away by then.

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Michael said...

Hi Julia

I wouldn't bother with the Doctor if I were you, as in the main, they just tell you to rest.

Get physio or sports therapy straight away as time is important.

I hesitate to generalise, especially without knowing too much myself or without seeing the injury but by the sound of it, with the way you forget about the injury, it is probably just your IT band pulling across your kneecap and a few quad exercises will probably sort you out.

However, get the opinion of someone who knows what they're doing.

A guy called Neil Sleeman sorted my knee out in 2006 when I thought I wouldn't be able to do the Marathon and I notice from the MMM results he's still around.

Mark Hempsall has helped me with a lot of injuries and I have heard great things about Rene Stoffenberg (apologies for the spelling)